If you’re looking to sell your property and would like to do so via private sale, please contact us.

We work with many buyers looking for a vast range of properties. All of our clients are qualified buyers who have finance approval and a clear understanding of their needs.

We often get contacted by home owners who do not wish to advertise their properties online. Instead they’d prefer to find a buyer off market and save on costs such as, agent fees, styling or advertising.

Many properties are tenanted making it difficult to gain access or advertise to the open market. Inconveniencing a tenant could result in an early break of lease, leaving the vendor with a significant loss of rent.

Selling off-market also removes the added pressure of an auction campaign, and preparing for multiple open houses.

By sending us your property information, we will do our best to match you to one of our qualified buyers.

Your information and property details remain confidential at all times and will only be shared discreetly after we have extensively qualified any potential buyer.


Vendor Advisory


If at any stage however, you decide you’d like to publicly advertise your property and need assistance with selecting the most suitable real estate agent, we offer a vendor advisory service.

This service is completely independent to the selling agent.

We offer advice on how to prepare your home for sale, interview real estate agents on your behalf and negotiate the fairest commission to ensure you don’t pay too much.

To find out more, we can be contacted on 02 9096 4665.

Request a callback.